Your FREE kitchen- Dish Dress Pattern.

My source of inspiration comes from my roots. I lived with Nuns who had to always think outside of a box, they had to use what they had available. There was no internet, no one-stop shops handy, so they made everything. Funny thing they were teaching us all to be creative in a subtle way…. Read more »


Good Day Sweet Peeps, Seems we have been having a rendez-vous every Wednesday, thanks for making it so special. Today, we are all going UNDERCOVER. Like anything, when it becomes a norm- as it has in  Canada, a mask has become a fashion statement. I was making masks way before anyone even thought of wearing… Read more »

Pass me a hankie please!

If you are fortunate to hear stories of your grandparents past, you may have heard this one. My Grand Maman- grandmother in English lived through both the 1st and 2nd world wars. These were days of rationing where you learned quickly to make a dollar stretch. I am thankful to her for so many valuable… Read more »

Shining the light on YOU!

Sometimes we just need to shine the LIGHT on something else. Today is the day and each Wednesday from this week on, I will be showing you some new projects on what you can do with  Shelly’s Buttons, Miniatures, and Embellishments.  Every project from this week forward will include a pattern, photos of each step… Read more »

Martha Stewart of Canada, that is what Shell calls me!

Hellllllllo, By way of introduction, Shell calls me Martha Stewart of Canada.  I have always been in awe of Martha, so I take that as a genuine compliment. Here are some differences, I am French,  was raised by Nuns, and grew up in a boarding school. They taught us to think for ourselves and what… Read more »