Things With Wheels Bulk


Due to Covid, we have been notified by the ‘Dress It Up‘ Production Manager that ALL bulk order items will require at least 8-10  weeks to complete.

We also offer Buttons Galore products for bulk ordering as well.  Buttons Galore items will ship within a 14 day period.

If you are looking for an individual piece to purchase in bulk and you don’t see it, please email us!

Single buttons from our theme packages are available for purchase in gross quantities.

1 gross = 144 pieces.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for…please ask!

Bulk orders are considered ‘custom’ orders and  require 10-14 days processing time on in stock inventory.  Although we promise to expedite all bulk orders to the best of our ability, please understand that we are at the mercy of the production plant regarding both timing and availability.  If a bulk order is delayed we will keep you updated with the status with any & all information we receive from the Production Dept.