Good Day Sweet Peeps,

Seems we have been having a rendez-vous every Wednesday, thanks for making it so special. Today, we are all going UNDERCOVER.

Like anything, when it becomes a norm- as it has in  Canada, a mask has become a fashion statement. I was making masks way before anyone even thought of wearing them. Coming from the Pharmaceutical industry and having a husband in the medical-surgical field who manufacturers the swabs for covid testing, as well as respiratory products,  we were well aware this was a serious infection.

Through the months I have lost count of how many masks I made for friends, family, med surgical associates, and children.  Moms were asking me for something that would make their children excited to wear masks….It only took me a few minutes to think of matching headbands. These satin ones fit all head sizes, and with additional bows, make a pretty fashion statement. Of course, they loved them. Heck, I love them.

This pattern has the masks with all the steps( by the way, there are so many photos and illustrations this PDF file is in two parts) which most of you know how to make, but I also included some different bows to add to the headbands. This pattern will have both patterns, for those who may not know how to make the masks.  And the bows are two different designs. also included.  YOU are getting 3 patterns in ONE. There are 38 colored photos to help you achieve these same results.

These Masks and matching Headbands will also be sent to Shelly at the end of the month, to be sold and proceeds to go to local Food Banks.  Shelly will have some extra masks that I have made for sale and the pattern will have links where you can get these lovely fabrics as well as where you can get the satin headbands.

All of my patterns have multiple photos and written instruction so if you are a visual learner, we got you covered and if you are instructional, we tapped into that area too.

And of course, colorful choices of buttons are added to the bows for that extra accent. ( everything is included in the patterns, where to find, headbands. buttons, fabrics, hemostats, Pellon)

Here are extra undercover masks we will be selling too on shells site, all of them have elastic attached as well they all have been steamed and packaged along with their undercover card on how to tie them on for a perfect fit. There are 21 undercover masks that you can choose… All 100% some from Riley Blake Designs and others like the Hydrangeas that  I have held on for some time… they are Holly Holdermand’s designs, she was this pretty awesome designer, not sure what happened to her. She owned Lakehouse Goods. I have a lot of her fabric, I purchased and I just could never cut into it till now…

And these are the 3 matching masks and headbands ( below), that will be heading to Shelly, to be sold once they reach her. ( I mailed all the sample projects yesterday, so no doubt she will have them very soon)

Next week’s hint, is “Wash and Dry” .

Till we meet next week, I will be undercover but most likely a totally different meaning, will be undercover with some new designs to share with you once again and why?

Because you so matter.

Mdm Samm

Ps All of our patterns cost $3.00 US with an order of $20.00+ of buttons and more.  ( shipping does not count)

If you just want a pattern with no button purchase they are $11.00 US.

You will be able to find all of our patterns listed here on Instagram and Pinterest too.