Martha Stewart of Canada, that is what Shell calls me!


By way of introduction, Shell calls me Martha Stewart of Canada.  I have always been in awe of Martha, so I take that as a genuine compliment. Here are some differences, I am French,  was raised by Nuns, and grew up in a boarding school. They taught us to think for ourselves and what was driven into our heads; “whatever you start, you must finish”.

As I was always eager to tackle new projects I learned to do things quickly and efficiently. I do believe my creativity was something everyone possessed.

I have learned through the years, that this is not the case. I have worked in design, medical, pharmaceutical, and presently I am a Crisis Responder. My creative nature has always been my greatest attribute, although it wasn’t until recently that I embraced it.

It is during these times when we must think outside of the box. Not only to do things differently but to teach and guide one another and embrace ideas and market them as your own.

This will be my role, to introduce you to projects using buttons, embellishments, and miniatures and serving you with weekly and monthly suggestions and projects to broaden your horizons and make you some money too.

I am thrilled to be part of this new ERA, so BUTTON up, secure yourself firmly as we are prepared to take you on an adventure that will awaken all of your creativity.

By all means if there is something you always wanted to know how to make or cannot find, just let me know, I have been a small project designer for many decades, I have been known to come up with something pretty quick. ( wink)

You can call me

Mdm Samm

Your Creative Director

exclusively for Shell and YOU!

p.s Tune into every WEDNESDAY, beginning JUNE 3rd. for the latest, greatest best, patterns and buttons and more IDEAS!


this is me as a caricature.

You will become familiar with this character as she is on many patterns I will be creating for you.